Varna is a city in northeastern Bulgaria, situated on the Black Sea coast and Varna Lake. It is the administrative center of the region, the largest city in northern Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, one of the three largest cities in the country. On its territory is situated the Navy Headquarter of the Bulgarian Army. In the city is kept the Chalcolithic treasure, which is considered to be the oldest gold treasure in the world, who provided Varna with the name of the so called Varna Culture.

Varna is often called the "sea capital" or "summer capital of Bulgaria" and is an important tourist and cultural center, a festival city, the starting point for the resorts along the northern coast.

Varna is selected for the European Youth Capital in 2017.

Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna, former Men's High School, is one of the most remarkable architectural monuments of the city. It is situated in a romantic building in the Neo-Gothic style of the late XIX century, in the center of the town. The wonderful space of the numerous rooms, indoor and outdoor patio provide a suitable atmosphere for the realization of high-artistic events, as well as ample opportunities for exhibiting various exhibitions, performances, theater performances, concerts, and more.

Project Manager: IWS Bulgaria (the Foundation "International Watercolor Society-Bulgaria”) IWS Bulgaria is a branch of the International Watercolor Society (IWS), an organization with over 60 branches (countries), whose mission is to spread love and harmony and peace between different countries and nations using watercolor painting techniques.

Organizers: Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" – Varna, Art Gallery Le Papillon - Varna.

Co-organizers: Union of Bulgarian Artists, Art Gallery "Asen and Iliya Peykovi" - Sevlievo, Art Gallery "Sirak Skitnik" - Sliven.


I. The Triennial exhibition is open for all professional artists.

II. The theme is free, the emphasis will be on the spiritual message of watercolor painting performance and picture content.

III. Only original works, executed in traditional watercolor technique on paper.

IV. The works must be originals. They should have been completed in the past three years and not being derived from published pictures or works of other authors.

V. Accepted for participation are works with size:

55/75 cm., 50/70., 35/50 cm., 33/70 cm.


The jury of the International Watercolor Triennial - Varna 2016 will include members of IWS Bulgaria and members of the organizers and the co-organizers.


• In preliminary selection each representative of the international branches of IWS, except Bulgarian, has the right to choose from a variety of artists from their country up to 7 works. The selected pictures have to be sent as digital reproductions on the email mentioned below in JPG, RGB format, file size of 3.5 - 4MB, a minimum of 20 cm. long side. The image must be properly oriented (vertically or horizontally). Additional digital processing is not allowed. The file must be titled as follows:  title_name_size in cm_country.

For example: Composition_IvanIvanov_50x70_Bulgaria. The works must be accompanied by a completed and signed form from each participant. The subject of the email should be the state. The organization of the Triennial is entitled to a further selection.

Bulgarian participants can send their proposals directly to the email.


All digital reproductions of selected paintings must be submitted by email no later than 24:00, 15 February 2016 (GMT).


After the final selection, approximately 250 watercolors will be chosen to enter the Triennial exhibition. They will be exhibited in the Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna from 15th of July to 15th of August 2016.


All original paintings and fees must be received by the organizers up to 30 of March 2016,

The deadline for the return of the works of the artists who have not consented to participate in the traveling exhibition is due on 30 of September 2016

The deadline for the return of the works of the participants in the traveling exhibition is due on 30 of April 2017


The triennial exhibition will be presented in various galleries in Bulgaria. After the exhibition at the Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna, the paintings of the authors who had confirmed their agreement according to the application form to participate in the traveling exhibition, will participate in exhibitions in four of the most beautiful galleries in Bulgaria:

• The biggest gallery on the Balkan Peninsula - Gallery "Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master" in the town Kyustendil

• Art Gallery "Asen and Iliya Peykovi" - Sevlievo, where are the works of Assen Peykov, creator of the monument of Leonardo da Vinci at the airport of Rome

• Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia "Rayko Alexiev".

• Art Gallery "Dimitar Dobrovich" - Sliven – possessing the third wealth fund gallery in Bulgaria.

• Art Gallery "George Papazov", city Yambol Gallery.

The exhibition will continue until 5th of March 2017. Information about the traveling exhibition will be published later on the page of IWS Bulgaria.


The jury gives the following prizes: cash, objects and image awards:

1. Award of the Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna

2. Award of the Art Gallery Le Papillon - Varna

3. Awards of Schminke, a world famous brand of art materials

4. Award of Milen Bazinski

5. Award of Gallery for watercolor ABSINTHE

6. Award of Helios JSC

7. Award of „Directa“, exclusive distributor of „Fabriano“

8. Award of Edoardo Miroglio

9. Prizes of other sponsors and galleries.

The paper for all demonstrations during the Triennial will sponsored by „Directa“, exclusive distributor of „Fabriano“

The organizers will issue certificates and diplomas to all awarded participants. Prizes will be awarded at the opening of the Triennial on 15th of July 2016.


The organizers of the Watercolor Triennial will publish a high quality catalogue, full (a full-page picture) with catalog data of all works. Each participant will receive a catalog. The catalog will be available for purchase online and in the galleries. Delivery of catalogs is at the expense of the participants.


The selected authors for participation after publishing their names, owe the following fees:

• for a foreign participant: 70 €

• for a Bulgarian participant: 40 BGN

Fees should be transferred to the specified bank accounts or PayPal by the IWS representatives of the participating countries and by the independent participants.

Bank accounts will be published on the page of IWS Bulgaria, and sent by mail to all selected participants together with the instructions for the stage II.

Representatives of IWS are exempt from the fee.


The selected original works of foreign participants should be unframed and unmounted. The organizers take responsibility for framing. The selected original works of Bulgarian participants should be delivered framed.


IWS recommend representatives of different countries to use the postal service EMS (For America USPS - International Express Mail) or Express service National Post Office. Delivery of the works can be also used FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT or other courier companies for delivery. Payment of customs and user fees if any is paid by the sender. Indicate on the package: No. Retail Value - For Exhibition only.


Work of foreign participants will be returned at the expense of the organizers. The works of Bulgarian participants are taken in person or delivered at the expense of the participant.


The authors give consent for the sale of their works. The sell price of the works include

30% commission for the organizers.



I. Participants, who don’t comply with the requirements will not be admitted to the Triennial exhibition.

II. Participants whose original paintings do not match the provided digital images will be disqualified and their pictures will be returned on their expense after the end of the exhibition.

III. The decision of the jury for the selection and the awards is final. The awarded works remain in the collections of the galleries, the sponsors and the institutions.

IV. As original works are accepted all works in which when pictures are used, they are made by the authors. Participants take responsibility for any dispute caused by copyrights, ownership etc.



I. The organizers of the exhibition have the right to expose, research, photograph, produce video, and publish all of the accepted works.

II. The works of art will be exhibited with the greatest attention.

III. The organizers are not liable for damages for whatever reason.

 IV. The artists are responsible to insure the work, participating in the Triennial.


November 12, 2015: Announcement of the status of the Triennial and start of the project.

February 15, 2016: Deadline for submission of documents and pictures in digital format.

February 25, 2016: The artists selected for participation will be published on the page of IWS Bulgaria. IWS representatives of the countries will receive instructions for sending pictures and bank account for payment of fees.

April 15, 2016: Deadline for delivery of original paintings and transfer fees for participation.

May 15, 2016: Jury prize.

July 15, 2016: Opening and awarding.

August 15, 2016: Closing and start of the traveling exhibition.