• To encourage Peace and its understanding by the use of Watercolor and Arts;
  • To spread Love and Harmony among people;
  • To provide an environment that encourages the exchange of information, practices and expertise in the area of education, international cooperation and social dialogue;
  • To contribute for the professional development of the artists and to facilitate their interaction with art lovers from around the world.


  • To create by the use of Art conditions for developing taste and aesthetic criteria, for evolving and establishing values in society;
  • To be part of and to cooperate with the international watercolor society (IWS, other organizations and individuals) with the aim of encouraging and promoting the Watercolor;
  • To contribute to the communication of understanding, ideas and experience regarding the Watercolor;
  • To cooperate with other watercolor artists and organizations around the world;
  • To affirm the Watercolor and the talent of the Bulgarian watercolor artists;
  • To develop the Watercolor in Bulgaria and to share this development with others around the world;
  • To encourage the interaction of the Watercolor with other kinds of Art.